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			Baidu Antivirus

Among the variety of free antiviruses, you can highlight a quality product from Baidu, which also owns the most popular search engine in China. Baidu Antivirus includes three engines, two of them from Baidu: Antivirus and cloud engine Cloud Security.

Anti-virus databases differ in regional applications, for Russia and the CIS countries they are from Kaspersky, the rest of the countries have access to a single global database from the German developers of Avira antivirus. To start testing a new reliable defender for your computer, it is enough to download Baidu Antivirus for free on our website.

Baidu Antivirus main features:

  • Full scan, real time review and identification of major problems.
  • Selective scanning of individual files to troubleshoot specific problems.
  • Protection against all types of threats, including file system protection, enhanced protection, Internet access protection and self-defense.
  • Intellectual selection of the required engine.
  • Rapid response to unknown threats and new viruses.

Among the advantages of Baidu Antivirus can be distinguished:

  • Program size is only 14 MB.
  • Anti-Virus does not conflict with the most common security programs.
  • To complete the program, 10 MB of RAM is enough.
  • Ability to customize settings and scan time.
  • A full scan takes a long time, but does not affect the performance of the computer.
  • A convenient and intuitive interface is presented in the form of large icons in pleasant white and blue colors.

Baidu's new antivirus has everything you need to monitor the processes in the system and detect threats even at the stage of their occurrence.

You can download Baidu Antivirus for free on our website right now.

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