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			Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger is antispyware software, using "cloud" IntelliGuard technology and providing proactive protection. When using behavioral analysis, it continuously monitors whatever suspicious espionage activity on the user's PC in real-time-mode. To protect your PC from spy of the World Wide Web, you can download Zemana AntiLogger free from our website.

Traditional software systems specializing in the protection against viruses and other malicious software, use so-called virus definitions. Zemana AntiLogger directly monitors the activity of programs, running and working at the moment, thus providing proactive protection. This approach ensures reliable protection not only from known threats but also from new, which are absent in signature databases. If an intruder to get confidential information from the hard drive, is making attempts to intercept keyboard kit or trying to hack into the operating system, Zemana AntiLogger will securely lock and stop such activity. To secure yourself from the hassles associated with networking, it is enough to download Zemana AntiLogger free and install it on your PC and make sure it's working.

List of main modules and features:

  • Anti-keylogger provides a lock of interception and recording of keyboard set;
  • Anti-interceptor screen suppresses hidden user images of the entire area of the screen or its fragments while working with sensitive data;
  • Anti-interceptor webcam - nobody will intercept your private video chat thanks to this component;
  • Anti-interceptor buffer - thanks to this component your clipboard will be adequately protected;
  • System Protection protects those OS areas which are vulnerable to attacks and intrusions from malicious programs;
  • Cloud Zemana IntelliGuard is an intelligent component, which provides additional flexibility and reliability, ease of use.

On our site there is a link where you can download Zemana AntiLogger without any payment to your PC now.

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