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Package of tools for comprehensive protection against viruses and malware
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			Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is software that automatically detects a variety of malicious programs and offers comprehensive and comprehensive protection against completely different threats that can be either external or internal.

This solution combines a fairly powerful and advanced antivirus, the most efficient firewall with the necessary corporate level of filtering and a module.

Comodo Internet Security also has an advanced behavioral blocking system and intrusion prevention features on your PC.

When using the program, each of its components performs its task, which provides a complete and simply excellent protection against various threats.

Main components of Comodo Internet Security:

  • Comodo antivirus, with a modern and effective antivirus engine, which independently detects and eliminates all possible types of threats without distracting you to such trifles;
  • firewall that works as a packet filtering brandmauer. It is he who constantly protects your computer from external attacks, and more specifically, from various Internet attacks.
  • Content filter that customizes the Firewall and creates filtering for visiting various websites.
  • Comoda Protection is a collection of the latest and most basic technologies for protecting your operating system, which are aimed at preserving its integrity, security, and confidentiality of your actions on your computer and the files stored on it.

Comodo Comprehensive Antivirus is a whole range of features and components that provide complete protection for your security system.

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