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			USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security is a program that protects your PC from virus penetration through the USB port. In the case of connecting equipment containing files with "Trojans", "worms", suspicious files, the utility will prevent them from penetrating the hard disk of your device. The program will scan removable removable drives, flash drives, SD memory cards and report infected files (if, of course, it detects them).

USB Disk Security Features

  • Protecting the HD of the computer already at the time of connecting a digital device via USB;
  • Protection of personal data and passwords stored on your computer;
  • A light weight;
  • Independence from internet connection;
  • Quick scan of all connected devices;
  • The utility is completely in Russian;
  • Compatible with any existing antivirus today.

The utility works with all versions of Windows. When a digital camera, external drive, flash drive, card reader is connected to your device, the utility automatically scans the device.

USB Disk Security can not replace the antivirus program, but only complements the "antivirus program." The utility is very simple: having installed it, you can “forget” about it for a while (updates occur automatically and for free). The program itself will remind of its existence, will find threats on the carriers, including unknown ones.

The program is recommended to all users of personal computers. Working even without connecting a PC to the Internet, it will create an impassable "barrier" for all viruses and questionable files.

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USB Disk Security for Windows PC

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