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Free version of ZoneAlarm Free firewall was originally developed by Zone Labs (before the Check Point Software Technologies company purchased it in March 2004). Effective firewall, combining its own advantages with the ease of use. It is able to filter traffic on the local and global networks, blocking hackers' attacks and other unwanted network activity. Protection of your PC is easily organized due to the amount of flexibility, program settings and user-friendly interface. Downloading ZoneAlarm Free to get a simple and reliable system that protects your PC while working with a network.

ZoneAlarm Free is composed of four services, the complex providing an adequate level of security: firewall, monitoring of user applications activity, locking the Internet, Zone. Zones monitor programs activity and inform the user about their attempts to connect to the network.
ZoneAlarm Free is a free version of ZoneAlarm, which has no restrictions for individual use by home users or others, without any commercial purpose (including educational and governmental organizations). In order to start using a firewall to protect your PC, you can download ZoneAlarm Free using the link on this site.

Key Features:

  • identifying and blocking hacker attacks in automatic mode;
  • «Stealth» mode, allowing to provide invisibility of the user's in the World Wide Web;
  • automatic software configuration makes the process of setting the access rules to the network by individual applications, very simple;
  • advanced users can configure the operation of the firewall due to "fine" security settings.

ZoneAlarm Free is available for free download right now from our website.

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ZoneAlarm Free for Windows PC

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0 LeRoy
The program can and protects from attack of viruses and hackers but not from all... And still such program has to be paid but not free. So to think so this program can protect in general your computer from everything that is on the Internet but in the description is told that it is easy in use, personally I don't understand as it to use. Not so it is also easy as for the there this program wasn't pleasant.:(:(

2015-04-21 10:06

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0 LeRoy1
The program can and protects from attack of viruses and hackers but not from all... And still such program has to be paid but not free.;);)

2015-04-21 09:59

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