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HijackThis is a small utility designed to create reports about registry and files value on your computer. Its developer is Meriyn Bellek, was bought by Trend Micro in 2007.
Logs created by the program, are considered a kind of accepted standard at various conferences on information security. Download HijackThis free from our website to use the utility.

HijackThis is equipped with a built-in capabilities for search and removal of malicious software, there are few available tools to remove malware manually. The main functional of the utility is focused mainly on the search and detection of potentially dangerous deployments in programs designed for viewing wide network (browsers).

The unique feature of HijackThis is that it doesn't remove anything automatically, checking with the database, and just makes up lists of suspicious objects and suggests the user to do cleaning. To download HijackThis, click on the link to our website, which is offered for download.

Key features of the utility:

  • takes up little space on your hard disk;
  • hardly consumes system resources;
  • scans the whole system in a few seconds;
  • provides information on each found item;
  • analyzes detected elements;
  • You can create an exception list;
  • built-in process manager;
  • Viewing the hosts file.

If you want to install HijackThis right now, download it for free from our website to get started.

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0 Adolf
I don't want take risk to be spied. This programm is very fast, my HDD (500 GB) it scans for less than 30 seconds.

2015-08-16 05:20

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