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Program to create a secure network of encrypted data flow
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OpenVPN is a secure network deployment tool for transferring encrypted data traffic.

The program allows you to use different proxy servers (NAT, SOCKS, HTTP). It may be an alternative to IPsec in cases where the provider blocks certain VPN protocols. OpenVPN can change in NAS - network storages of information. Key advantages of OpenVPN

The utility allows you to simplify the process of creating an encrypted data transmission channel and has the following advantages:

  • ease: simple setup and installation, which is quite rare, given the purpose of this category of tools;
  • portability: installs on almost any system, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, as well as BSD-based platforms. However, the network configuration principles are identical, regardless of the platform. For OpenVPN to work under Linux, the kernel of the system must be above version 2.4;
  • client-server: the tool uses the client-server architecture, therefore it must be installed on all nodes of the VPN network;
  • tunneling: allows you to create a UDP or TCP tunnel with an encrypted stream of data. In the latest software versions, you can use one port to create multiple server tunnels;
  • Security modes: VPN can use the same static key to encrypt and decrypt information. This implies a fairly simple setup, but if an outsider takes hold of the key, it will be able to decrypt the transmitted data stream. To strengthen the protection, the Open Key Infrastructure is used. In this case - two keys, one of which is known only to the owner.

OpenVPN allows you to create a VPN network through bridges or routing using TUN and TAP drivers.

The OpenVPN installer for Windows 64 and 32bit is packed in a zip archive, which can be unpacked by any free archiver from the title = "Free Archivers"> of this category .

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