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Exiland Backup Free is a free and very convenient program for backing up files on your personal computer, as well as for synchronizing folders.
The application can make three types of backups: a full backup, an incremental backup, and a differential backup.
Exiland Backup Free also allows you to package data in ZIP, encrypt data, make backup copies, synchronize folders, send archives by e-mail, notify about the results using e-mail, mobile phone and much more.
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The main features of the application include the following:

Exiland Backup Free Features

  • creating three types of backups: full, incremental and differential;
  • the implementation of file synchronization via FTP and network;
  • implementation of backup information from network drives, FTP-servers or from local drives;
  • it is possible to save backups in different places: on FTP servers, on other computers connected to the local network;
  • there is the possibility of automatic duplication of backups in any number of places, to further increase the reliability;
  • the ability to send backups as an attachment by email with a report;
  • delete unnecessary backups automatically;
  • it is possible to select copied files, both by attributes and by file mask, as well as specifying a list of folders and subfolders to be excluded;
  • the ability to compress data in a ZIP archive format, the ability to select the degree of compression, password protection, encryption, and the ability to split the archive into several volumes;
  • There is support for archives larger than 2.1 GB. If this size is exceeded, the archive will be created in Zip64 format;
  • the application allows you to automatically start external programs before or after the task;
  • the program allows you to view the created backup copies, as well as restore files from the archive;
  • the application also keeps a log of completed tasks, and also allows you to view it;
  • the program can automatically send a message about the completed task to e-mail, to a mobile phone, to issue a message on the screen or over a local network.

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