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XXCLONE is easy to use program which lets you create a clone of your system volume. Users of any experience level can carry it out. This tool interface is based on a standard window and uncomplicated layout, where you can select the source and target volume from the list.

XXCLONE download is free. Thanks to it, there is a possibility to backup the entire volume by copying all the files at once or by copying gradually. You can create a backup copy of the key Windows directories or easily transfer the registry without files backup. Experienced users are free to play with additional settings: use alternative wallpaper on the target desktop, use HyperSync algorithm to increase the speed of the backup, create logs or debug files, as well as a schedule for automatic computer shutdown after performing the task. Other settings of XXCLONE will make the target volume bootable, copy volume ID, save the current settings to a BAT file for further tasks, schedule tasks and restore the system to its previous state.

The program when running, uses a small portion of CPU and system memory, so the load on your PC will be negligible. It has a good response time and works well without causing lockups to the OS, lags or errors. Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced settings, XXCLONE is bound to please users. Here you can download XXCLONE free right now.

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