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Most likely, each of PC users at least once experienced such situation when you needed to clean your hard drive fast in order to format it or to "save" the necessary data when hard drive malfunction is detected.

Quite often, in such situations, you have to create a backup. The application called FBackup will help you to attain such objective.

This program is free and allows you to make a backup copy of the data on the hard drive in just a few clicks as well as quickly restore them if necessary.

This application allows you to save backups as on portable storage media, and on the network.
When you create a data backup, you can protect your information with a password.

FBackup program is fairly easy to use. Even those users who have never had experience with similar applications, can try it out.
To create a backup copy of the data, the user must specify the name of the backup, as well as the folder in which the backup will be stored. There is also an additional possibility to create a backup of selected files.

For performing the above steps, the application has a backup wizard, you can run it in the main window of the application.
Download FBackup free from our site.

The main advantages of this application include the following:

  • you can create a backup schedule, using built-in scheduler;
  • level of data compression is not inferior to the famous archiver-programs;
  • you can create a backup of system files only;
  • the application is able to work with both local and portable drives;
  • FBackup has a thoughtful and convenient interface.

You can download FBackup free from our website right now.

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