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WinDataReflector Free program is designed for easy synchronization of files and folders with the backup function. Before ongoing synchronization and backup, you can use the function of visual comparison of files and folders. It is possible to download WinDataReflector Free by clicking on the link provided below.

Main characteristics of WinDataReflector Free:

  • the possibility of two-way synchronization with the display and configurable rules. Changes that are made to one of the columns will automatically occur in the second, making the modified folders identical. You can manually adjust WinDataReflector, so that it will be subject to a particular kind of change;
  • the ability to automatically synchronize and backup with built-in scheduler. You can schedule any task of automatic startup, specifying a certain day or time of the action;
  • the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in different tabs;
  • the ability to use a special "exclusion list", which indicates regular expressions, or directory names, folders, or files to set filtering or use general search;
  • support for the NTFS file system and for access privilege to files and folders on the users' level (ACL). NTFS file of access privilege and security information is copied to the destination files and folders;
  • the opportunity to set the "Delete" option. To prevent accidental deletion of any folders or files, in the WinDataReflector program configuration, you can change the "Delete" value option for: never delete, permanently delete or move deleted files to Recycle Bin.
  • the ability to save copies of old files before replacing them;
  • you can use CRC for files and folders, check their integrity after the applicable copy functions;
  • backs up into ZIP archives in two modes: overwriting the old or creating new files with a timestamp for each copy of files and folders.

WinDataReflector Free program is free for download on our site, it is easy to install and easy to use.

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