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AOMEI Backupper is a simple and free application that allows you to backup and restore not only disc partitions, but the entire discs or operating systems.
Through the use of the Microsoft VSS technology, this application allows you to make backup copies without having to stop working with your PC, which is an important advantage.
This free program is considered a professional application for backup and information recovery. It is considered the most easy to use, allowing almost any user to have it.The program can make backups, as of the operating system and discs, so of partitions. Also, the application is able to perform recovery of the OS, discs and partitions of the backup copies, as well as to clone disc partitions.

With simple and user-friendly interface, any user can easily understand the basics of professional technology of data backup and recovery.
The main uniqueness of this application is support for VSS, technology from the Microsoft company, which allows to backup data without reloading the operating system and without interfering with the already running applications.
This feature is very effective as a backup can be performed in the course of your work.
It should be said that, despite the fact that AOMEI Backupper is a free tool tfor backup, it supports not only desktop OS, but also server OS.

Therefore, doesn't matter who you are, the server administrator or an ordinary home user, this application will help you make a system backup or restore data in a fairly simple and safe way.

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