AIDA32 3.94.2

Program displaying computer hardware data
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The development of this version resulted in such paid applications as AIDA32 and Everest.
This application allows you to analyze PC configuration, as well as to give the most detailed information about the hardware and software component of the PC, namely:

  • what devices are installed in the system - processors, motherboards, video cards, sound cards, memory modules, and suchlike;
  • what are the characteristics of devices: cache sizes, processor speed, voltage, etc.;
  • the temperatures of the CPU;
  • instruction sets and modes of operation supported by processor;
  • who is the manufacturer of the component units;
  • what software is installed on your PC;
  • configuration of the OS;
  • what drivers are already installed;
  • what programs are loaded into the system automatically;
  • which licenses are present, and what processes are running on the system.

This application is also able to test the read and write from memory, and compares the results before and after.

Aida32 has multilingual support and can be set automatically depending on the installed location. There is also a 16-bit version of the application that can be used when working in DOS. AIDA32 can be downloaded free from our site. Starting from March 24, 2004, the AIDA32 project was closed, after that the site of application was also closed. You can download AIDA32 free from our website right now.

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AIDA32 for Windows PC

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