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GPU-Z is an easy-to-use utility with TechPowerUp developers, which has powerful enough functionality. The main task of the program is to collect, assemble and provide the user of the device (PC) with comprehensive information about the resources of the video card and the state of its graphics processor.

The GPU-Z utility systematizes the data received (core frequency, video card temperature, driver version, BIOS, number of transistors, etc.) and displays information in an easy-to-read form for the user. The data is available in several tabs, each of which characterizes a separate parameter (BIOS, video adapter, driver, GPU, etc.).

GPU-Z main features

The GPU-Z program is able to carry out a comparative analysis of the online test results of the equipment (video card temperature, GPU core frequency, fan speed) and determine the compliance of indicators with similar graphic devices. The program provides the user with the following information:

  • Model, name, characteristics of the video card.
  • GPU frequency, chip size, number of microprocessor transistors.
  • BIOS and driver versions, chip revision number, memory bandwidth.
  • The ability to support the latest version of DirectX, the frequency in 2D, 3D.
  • Parameters default clocks, pixel shader, overclocking.
  • GPU test validation metrics (PCI-Express linear configuration is determined).
  • Frequency level, quantitative indicator and type of memory.
  • The type and width of the bus, the temperature and speed of the graphics card cooler.

In addition to the above features, the functionality of the GPU-Z utility allows you to create a copy of the current BIOS of your video card (for backup rollback), the program is distinguished by an accessible interface, stable and reliable operation in Windows.

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