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Application for searching large files by analyzing the hard disk
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WizTree is a free utility that allows you to detect the files and folders on the hard drive, which are using the most disk space. This program is very convenient and easy to use, even beginner can hadle it. WizTee uses the Master File Table, which contains a complete and comprehensive information about the connected media. This leads to a very high performance of the application and allows you to analyze space on your hard disk to the fullest degree. You can download WizTree free from our resource.

WizTree's interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to find all the necessary features and tools in the main menu. The program is fully automated and will start immediately after you select the object that you want to analyze. By default, the results will be displayed, from the largest files and folders, and displayed in percent, but you can always see additional information by setting the analysis in the program configuration. «Top 1000 Largest Files» module can display the most complete information about the largest files and folders. The WizTree context menu has a feature which allows you to immediately remove unnecessary information, found in the system.

Besides the above functions, the program can find and display data, which had been removed earlier, and with the help of other applications. This software works only with the NTFS file system.

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