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Program to completely remove data from a PC
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			Prevent Restore

Prevent Restore is a useful free program which will make sure that all your deleted files and folders cannot be recovered.

Easy cleanup of the recycle bin is not an effective way to completely remove the information. Using special restoring software is possible till the removed is overwritten, that is, replaced by any other folder from the disk. Only this method is really an absolute guarantee that your confidential information, from which you got rid of, will not be reached by unauthorized users.

That is the principle, on which Prevent Restore operation is based. If you decide to download Prevent Restore free, you can stop worrying about the confidentiality of your data: the program will overwrite the free space of your disks, containing fragments of deleted files, random data - letters, numbers, and even spaces. When the application is running, it uses the most advanced encryption algorithms - Gutmann, DoD 5220.22, utilizing several at once instead of just one.

What's new in the latest version of Prevent Restore?

  • completely updated and streamlined interface;
  • rewritten program code;
  • most of the bugs which distrubed work in older versions, are fixed;
  • the quality and speed of cleaning is improved;
  • updated program icon and installation interface;
  • support for SSD type disks.

Interested in the capabilities of the program? Here you can download Prevent Restore free now.

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Prevent Restore for Windows PC

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