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Alternative file manager for windows
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A43 is a convenient, powerful and easy-to-use file manager.

Benefits of the A43 File Manager

  • there is a built-in text editor with unlimited capacity;
  • availability of dynamic highlighting of web pages;
  • the file manager has in its “arsenal” such built-in features as packing and unpacking archives, by simply dragging or pressing a button. In the same way, you can easily convert zip files into sfx archives (self-extracting archives);
  • it is possible to search for files;
  • integrated area for quick launch with access to the most used applications;
  • A43 also has favorite buttons that allow quick access to data that resides in frequently used folders;
  • This file manager simultaneously displays two panels that allow you to manage files much easier and faster;
  • A43 file manager does not require installation, and the data are not entered into the registry, since all the necessary settings are stored in the local ini-file;
  • This program can also be used as a portable one and run when necessary, even from flash drives.

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A43 is a file manager that allows you to create lists of favorite folders that are somewhat similar to Favorites in Internet Explorer from Microsoft and navigate to view content with a single click.

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