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XYplorer Free is a mixture of standard file manager with navigation, supports tabs. Moreover, the tabs can be assigned to other names, block them, hide and drag. You can move files between the tabs will be visible at the same destination and source thanks to the discovery "on the fly" tab destination. Switching between tabs is carried out with the mouse wheel. To download XYplorer Free from our website, you just need to use the corresponding link.

The described navigator features not only a variety of opportunities to work with tabs. Search, which is implemented in it, has advanced settings options. For example, a search can be performed to create a list of objects with a specific name, which have been modified during the day. Search settings can be saved in the search template or search tab for the next search sessions. You can easily download XYplorer Free from our website, and as a result, you will get a comfortable and functional file manager.

Features of the manager:

  • User-friendly interface and high speed of sound, video and picture browser;
  • Works with USB hard drives;
  • Keyboard shortcuts which provide quick call, can be configured for more than 300 functions;
  • The ability to preview the graphics and other multimedia files, support for multiple formats;
  • Streaming video from youtube can be downloaded;
  • Viewing files and HEX ASCII;
  • Supports mp3-tags;
  • Advanced search engine, unindexed search;
  • Customizable filters of displaying files;
  • CSV-format for exporting data on files;
  • Registry is not used by the program, it can work with removable media;
  • Catalogues's categories have customizable directory hierarchy for quick transitions between directories which are used most frequently;
  • You can create a limited set of customized commands to fit your needs.

Manage your workspace easily, download XYplorer Free from our website as it is possible without any problems.

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