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Utility to manage Samsung phones from PC
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			Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies allows you to manage Samsung phones and smartphones, their functionality using a PC. Connecting to a PC can be made using a USB cable or wireless connection.

Key features of Samsung Kies

Device management includes support for all smartphones that have ever been released by the company. For newer devices, a separate version of the client is offered, which uses broader functionality and hardware capabilities of the gadget.

Today, Samsung Kies can be used for the following purposes:

  • updating the operating system of the gadget, reinstalling it, and installing other software;
  • purchase additional functionality that extends the standard client interface. These can be programs and applications from Samsung Apps;
  • Gadget media management - moving, copying, deleting video, photos and audio;
  • data exchange between Samsung mobile devices and a PC based on Mac or Windows;
  • Backup, which allows you to save a list of contacts, photos, videos and settings.

Additional features of Samsung Kies

The application allows you to synchronize contacts, messages, calendar and control your smartphone or other gadget through a PC. A separate part of the software is to organize the viewing of gadget files, as well as a secure firmware update.

Samsung Kies is updated regularly. Along with updates, developers integrate new features into client software.

For fans of social networks, you can quickly share your information on Facebook, YouTube or Flickr.

You can connect not only a smartphone, but also any other “smart” device from a South Korean company - a tablet, smart watches and even a fitness tracker. When buying a new Samsung device, all the information from the previous gadget can be transferred to the purchased phone, tablet or smart watch.

Samsung Kies allows you to organize convenient work with any libraries.

Features of Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies allows you to extend the functionality of the smartphone, giving the opportunity to manage the gadget through the connection to the PC. In the program window you can work with contacts, messages, media files. Users can create a playlist of musical compositions, as well as subscribe to a podcast.

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