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Free file manager with advanced functionality
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Free file manager - Explorer++ is a great program, which interface greatly resembles the standard Windows. Despite the superficial similarity, this program has a variety of settings and broad functionality. The program provides a set of tools for working with files and folders, furthermore, it supports work with several tabs in the same window.

Appearance of the Explorer++ can be completely customized to your liking. The program provides support for color schemes and bookmarks, as well as a simple filtering of files. The utility has features for sharing and gathering data, as well as for and deleting it permanently. You can download the Explorer++ directly from our site.

Key features:

  • The manager is a completely portable;
  • The ability to save data to a file or registry;
  • You can simultaneously manage multiple tabs for the folders in the same window;
  • Simple and easy to remember keyboard shortcuts for quick access;
  • Fully customizable interface;
  • Support for all applications, including Windows;
  • Powerful capabilities to work with files.

Some features:

  • The portable version doesn't require installation;
  • Leaves no traces of activity in Windows OS;
  • Support for multiple language packs.

The end user can completely replace the standard Windows Explorer, but only for a file system or all files and folders, some of which may be system.

Download Explorer++ free on high-speed directly from our site.

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Explorer++ for Windows PC

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0 Andrew
I prefer this programm because here you do not need installation, always you can find materials what you need on your PC.

2015-07-14 05:13

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