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The program muCommander is a file manager, which has a very user-friendly interface, and supports multiple panels, and has features, similar to suchlike applications.

This application, other than the typical feature set for the implementation of various operations with files and folders, also allows you to transfer files to the server using the HTTP, FTP, or SFTP protocols, perform message dialog, compare files and folders and perform various course operations with archives.

MuCommander is the application which allows users to change themes, thereby allowing an individual to pick the font or text color for the folder's title name.

This program has a strong resemblance to the famous Norton Commander file manager, but nevertheless it is more suitable for non-expert users, because muCommander offers only the most essential tools in everyday use and nothing more. The program is absolutely free.
Download free muCommander from our website.

The main advantages of muCommander application include the following:

  • there is support for multiscreen;
  • the application has the ability to fine-tune it individually for the user;
  • it is possible to configure keyboard shortcuts;
  • the application has a completely friendly interface and is very easy to use, that is suitable even for users with no experience.

You can download muCommander free from our website right now.

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