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As you know, one of the shortcomings of Windows OS's older generation is slow copying of files. This disadvantage can be eliminated by using TeraCopy which is a special application, allowing you to quickly copy and move data. The program will be indispensable for those who need to copy and transfer large amounts of data. Download TeraCopy free from our site, where you can find a new version.

The application copies files at the mazimum possible speed, it skips bad files. You can pause, the copying process, if necessary. In the program you can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values, it integrates with Windows, it supports the asynchronous copying, which speeds up the file transfer. Another useful feature is that you can recopy files in the application, in case of a copy error. Then the application will try several times to recover to achieve the ultimate result. If the file cannot be copied, it will be removed from the copy queue, the app will notify you about it. The application supports Unicode, runs in 64-bit system. You can save reports in HTML, CSV and sort them by extension in TeraCopy.

TeraCopy key features:

  • copy and transfer files fast;
  • asynchronous copying available;
  • correction of errors in copying;
  • checksums' calculation.

You can download TeraCopy from this page using the link on the website.

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