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			Xplorer2 lite

Xplorer2 lite is a very fast and convenient file manager which has all the necessary tools to work with different information on your PC. The latest version is available on our web portal where it is provided for free download.

The main features of the application:

  • full access to the namespace in the command line;
  • program automatically tracks changes in all folders, including the network ones;
  • two folders can be simultaneously processed in a single window;
  • user-friendly interface, which is able to support tabs;
  • hot keys for quick access to menu functions;
  • the ability to export information about the folders in the form of a text, which is very convenient for printing;
  • Batch rename;
  • hard links;
  • the ability to find text in files;
  • the ability to search by key words;
  • text editing;
  • files splitting, merging, deleting;
  • thumbnail preview mode;
  • comparison and synchronization of folders;
  • toolbar can be adjusted;
  • shows the amount of folders, the information provided in the detailed view.

Besides the basic functions, the application has important additional features, including:

  • the ability to view image files;
  • the ability to listen to the audio information;
  • the ability to view video;
  • You can view files in HTML, RTF, Text, Hex.

The application is free and available for download. On our site you can download Xplorer2 lite right now.

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