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			D-Soft Flash Doctor

D-Soft Flash Doctor is a utility utility that restores the file structure of portable drives (flash drives) and hard drives for Windows. Can backup user data. Monitors the status of portable media and "hard drives" in real time.

It is able to recover “broken” sectors of hard disks and flash memory, damaged due to the accumulation of software errors and the occurrence of critical collisions. Supports low-level formatting and defragmentation of the “digital structure” of storage devices.

Functional D-Soft Flash Doctor

  • Scans "winchesters" and "flash drives" in real time and prevents damage to their "digital" integrity;
  • Makes backups of data from portable media using an intelligent backup function, copying only "fresh" and "intact" information;
  • Conducts deep scanning of the “digital” integrity of the selected hard disk / portable media when initiating the corresponding function;
  • Defragments on the “low level” the “digital” structure of the file system of the selected hard disk / portable media;
  • Identifies "broken" at the level of "iron" sector HDD / SSD / flash memory, redirects information flows to the "whole" sector and changes the order of interaction with them (ignores the "broken" sector), to increase the performance of "flash drive" / "hard drive ".

Utility features

  • The ability to restore damaged sectors and lost information from the "hard drives" and "flash drives" "in one click";
  • A relatively high probability of successful data recovery;
  • Optimization and "protection" of information media in real time;
  • The implementation of the concept of low-level formatting;
  • An intelligent system for creating automatic backups interacting exclusively with "fresh" information;
  • Ability to work with "incorrectly formatted" information carriers;
  • Full portability - no installation required.


  • A small chance that the information carrier will not be recognized;
  • Updates “come out” extremely rarely, and their “installation” is possible only “manually”.

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D-Soft Flash Doctor for Windows PC

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