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			Active Partition Manager

Active Partition Manager is a free software designed to structure hard drives. You can practice removing, creating, formatting partitions on hard drives, there is the possibility of assigning the desired drive letter to the disks. The program supports various interfaces of hard drives, it can work with portable devices, such as memory cards. Among the functional features of the program is the creation of multiple logical drives on a single physical database. To download Active Partition Manager, click the download link.

Free software can work with all file systems and format disks. The user interface is simple, which made it more convenient to work with the program. If you need a English-language program to work effectively with the internal structure of hard drives, APM will suite you, download Active Partition Manager directly from our website.

The program can perform the following operations:

  • Transformation as the MBR in GPT, and vice versa (partitions are saved);
  • Creating partitions and logical drives;
  • Formatting of logical drives and partitions (supported file systems - FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT);
  • Editing partition tables and boot sectors;
  • Initializing of newly acquired devices in the MBR or GPT;
  • Correction of corrupted MBR or GPT disks;
  • Rollback of changes in the partition structure, such as creating, deleting or formatting, initialization;
  • Working with partition attributes (assignment or editing);
  • Formatting of flash drives, followed by further layout of the NTFS file system;
  • Deleting of partitions and logical drives;
  • Creating of a large partition with a FAT32 file system (up to 1 TB);
  • Make a partition active;
  • Breakdown of flash drives' filesystems into multiple partitions;
  • Gathering information about the hard drives as physical devices, gathering information about partitions and logical drives.

The program has an improved interface with a great number of fixed bugs. To start working with the new drive, or if you want to process the file system on one of your "old stuff", you can download Active Partition Manager free from our website right now.

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