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MHDD is a service utility for Windows, for testing the integrity of the file structure of “hard disks” and restoring the information stored by them, damaged as a result of mechanical impact or accumulation of software errors during operation.

Synchronized with drives via ATA / SATA, IDE, USB and SCSI interfaces. Supports emulation interface USB-> SCSI. Allows you to "view" SMART-attributes of information storage. Equipped with integrated low-level formatting tools. It can "repair" "broken" sectors of the file system of information drives.

MHDD functionality

  • Initiates the launch of the "executive part" and "management interface" using MC-DOS emulation (including from the boot disk or its image);
  • It is synchronized with the specified information storage device via ATA / SATA, IDE, USB or SCSI interface;
  • Scanning the integrity of the information storage file system sectors, notifies about “problem areas”;
  • Analyzes the work of the “hard component” (“hardware”) of the information storage device, displays a report in the interface and indicates actual problems with the “hardware”;
  • Retrieves technical information about the stored data from the bad sectors and recreates their original structure in the “working” section of the drive;
  • It loads data on the current SMART attributes of the selected media;
  • Simulates the USB interface -> SCSI, using an integrated emulation draveira;
  • Identifies the “broken” sectors of the file system of the drive, “disables” them and reassigns the order of writing data to the “working” sectors;
  • Produces low-level formatting of the specified data collector.

Utility features

  • Relatively high accuracy of determining "problem" places;
  • The ability to synchronize via ATA / SATA, IDE, USB and SCSI, as well as USB interface emulation -> SCSI;
  • Recovery function for damaged data;
  • Availability of tools for viewing current SMART attributes;
  • The possibility of low-level formatting;
  • Powerful tools for the identification and "treatment" of "broken" sectors;
  • Independent analysis of the "soft-" ("system") and "hard-" ("iron") components of the information carrier.


  • SMART attributes cannot be edited;
  • Successful recovery of information stored on “broken” sectors is not always possible;
  • When emulating the USB interface -> SCSI, there can be errors in the information storage file system (it is “cured” by formatting it).

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