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Utility to test and maintain the hard disk
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			Victoria HDD

Victoria HDD - a program to diagnose the hard disk, as well as data recovery on it. It is intended for advanced users, independently engaged in computer repair, as well as IT-specialists. With the help of the Victoria program, you can evaluate the performance of HDD, solve the problem with bad sectors.

Victoria HDD features:

  • disk performance measurement;
  • HDD formatting;
  • providing detailed data on the hard drive;
  • hiding bad sectors;
  • elimination of hard disk failures;
  • acoustic noise control.

Victoria HDD will help you if, due to problems with the hard disk, you cannot reinstall the operating system - files are not unpacked, a “death screen” appears, etc. The program is also useful if:

  1. the application settings are constantly getting lost on the computer;
  2. important files have disappeared or become corrupted;
  3. the system takes too long any actions (launching applications, opening and copying files).

Differences Victoria HDD from similar programs

The big pus of Victoria HDD is that it is small and does not require installation. Unlike other programs for diagnosing hard drives and data recovery, Victoria is able to monitor HDD temperature, test the surface in DMA and PIO, measure the shaft rotation speed on new hard drives. Victoria HDD works not only with conventional PCs, but also with laptops.

Check hard disk with Victoria HDD

The hard disk is verified by the Victoria program very simply. In the application, you need to select the HDD for testing and click on the "Get SMART" button. After a few seconds, the program will display detailed data on the status of the hard disk, its temperature, the number of operations for transferring bad sectors.

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Victoria HDD for Windows PC

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