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Uninstall Tool is a multifunctional uninstaller for Windows. Allows you to "correctly" delete installed programs. Able to find and completely erase the "digital tails" of the "wrong" remote software.

Able to interact with any type of utilities, including system, running in real time and "settled" in the autoload. Supports batch removal of "annoying" sets of programs that are installed without the consent of users, along with other software.

Uninstall Tool Functionality

  • Analyzes the system, creates a list of installed programs and visualizes them in the interface;
  • Forcibly terminates the process and the services associated with the selected program, "removes" its installers from startup;
  • It initiates the uninstall process, and in the absence of the corresponding uninstallation file, it will “roughly” delete the program directories;
  • Scans the temp folder and registry, clears all the “digital tails” of the software to be uninstalled;
  • Monitors changes related to install / uninstall / autoload, logs them in a special log file;
  • Automatically creates backups of registry data;
  • Removes “annoying” software packages from the “package”, and prevents them from being reinstalled.

Utility features

  • Highly intelligent system scanning algorithms that can detect any "digital traces" of the program to be deleted;
  • Support for forced uninstallation of running utilities and disabling associated services;
  • Existence of the function of “batch” removal for “annoying” software sets and preventing their subsequent installation into the system;
  • Tracking and detailed logging of everything related to the installation / removal of programs;
  • The possibility of backup recovery through the interface.


  • Free mode is only valid for a month;
  • A rare chance of damage to system-important components during batch removal of “software kits” is treated with a rollback;
  • Antivirus removal is not supported.

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