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Tool for completely removing data from the hard disk
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The Blank And Secure program will delete any unnecessary data from your hard disk without possible recovery. If you want to ensure complete confidentiality regarding the deleted files on your PC (so no one can recover them) - the program Blank And Secure can cope with this task very fast and reliably.

The Blank And Secure utility differs from its analogues by brilliant and intuitive interface, as well as its ease of use. It doesn't require installation and doesn't consume a lot of your system resources. Blank And Secure run directly from the USB-drive, which is very convenient, and the process of removing the file is even easier - you just need to drag the file to be deleted in the open window. After that, no one application can not retrieve it.

The principle of the Blank And Secure operation is based on well grounded, repeatable data cancellation/recording to the hard disk partition in which the file is located. Overwriting process can be performed from one to thirty times, and the hard disk space will be filled with zeros. After this process, it won't be possible to restore deleted data. Moreover, the program can remove absolutely all data from the hard drive, this procedure is very essential if you want to sell your PC, and you are concerned about the data available on the hard disk.

We can assure you that the Blank And Secure program is one of the best decisions in a number of similar applications.

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