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EA Sports UFC is a 3D multiplayer fighting game simulator of mixed martial arts MMA UFC Championship for Android devices. Feel yourself one of the real-life MMA fighters, acting under the auspices of the UFC. Fight in the cell-octagon for the title of UFC absolute champion with real people from around the world or virtual opponents-bots.

There are elements of the RPG-setting. Develop the strengths of your fighter and learn unique combinations of combat techniques. Fight in regular tournaments, defeat all rivals to win the UFC absolute champion title in your weight class and defend the champion title regularly to cover yourself with the glory of the best mixed martial arts fighter on the planet!

EA Sports UFC features

  • Choose one of 70 real-life UFC fighters, study its features and exit to Octagon;
  • Declare yourself a sure victory of the virtual opponent-bot and get the experience points and prize money necessary for the initial pumping;
  • Use the gained experience points to develop strengths and pull up weak ones;
  • The third prize money to hire trainers who can train your character in unique tricks and open access to fights with more experienced opponents, including - from other weight categories;
  • Defeat all virtual opponents of your weight division and get the title of absolute champion in your weight category;
  • Take challenges from living people, and defeat them in the octagon of all who dare to challenge you - regardless of their category, to become the best fighters of the world in funny martial arts;
  • Participate in regular tournaments and championships with unrealistically complex rules to prove to the world that you are the true champion of the UFC!

Fighting features

  • More than 70 real-life UFC fighters, each of which has its own unique style of combat and an individual set of special techniques;
  • Opportunity to fight both bots and people, t.ch. - during unique interactive tournaments, the rules of each of which are not similar to the rules of the previous one;
  • An extensive system of pumping skills of the character;
  • The need to pay attention to both pumping strengths, and tightening the weak;
  • Fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Realistic character dubbing;
  • The possibility of hiring VIP coaches who teach exclusive tricks.


  • Part of in-game content is paid;
  • Integrated advertising;
  • Important information and regulations for online tournaments are published on social networks, access to which is possible only for me since I was 14 years old.

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