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Fascinating 2D billiard simulator
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			8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool - two-dimensional multiplayer billiard simulator with elements of the PRG-setting for Android devices. Players will participate in virtual billiards tournaments, rolling out both computer and live opponents.

Practice popping balls at different tables with different cues, participate in regular tournaments with bots and real people. Get game coins, pump your character, open new, more-complex game modes and become the best directory of the planet!

Gameplay 8 Ball Pool

  • Complete all training levels to learn the basics of playing billiards, and learn how to feel the ball;
  • Defeat virtual opponents in company mode;
  • Get game coins and rank points to open access to exclusive, closed halls and acquire unique cues;
  • Pump the skills of your player in order to drive the balls into the pocket even more precisely;
  • Win each company tournament to complete the single player mode;
  • Challenge the best players on the planet by participating in individual and group (up to 8 people) tournaments with real people;
  • Lead the ranking list of each existing league, get all the available cups and become the best billiard catalas of the planet!

Simulator Features

  • The presence of both a single company and multiplayer game mode;
  • Several variations of gaming tables (standard rectangular, of unusual shape, tables with obstacles, etc.);
  • Dozens of gambling halls, billiard cues and missions in company mode;
  • Hundreds of tournaments and variations of player leveling;
  • Thousands of players from around the world;
  • Realistic physics of ball behavior;
  • Fully animated, two-dimensional graphics with a top view;
  • Pleasant sound.


  • To save progress in a multiplayer game, you must have an account in Miniclip or Facebook;
  • Periodic races in multiplayer tournaments.

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Friday, 26 July 2019
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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8 Ball Pool for Android

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