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Unity 3D Web Player

web player for 3D games in browser
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Unity 3D Web Player it is a game engine at which installation the client can use browser 3D games on a full scale. In wide concept, the program acts as the tool for improvement and reconstruction of various network games. At the first stages, the program has been used as the tool for development of three-dimensional games and appendices for PC.

The functional component of a platform has pleased developers who have created addition in the form of 3D Web Player, focused on reconstruction of games with support of platform Unity. In a basis of the program the same functional characteristics which were used at creation of games. This uniform software allows the program not only to improve external parameters of game, but, also, drill down and centralize the image.


Unity 3D Web Player download


Possibilities and application Unity 3D Web Player

In modern interpretation the program Unity 3D Web Player has found the application in appendices of social networks. So, for example, games VKontakte which function on the basis of 3D graphics not generate without installation 3D Web Player. Also it is necessary to note a number of games which, without installation of the program, simply will not open on your computer without availability of a package for 3D reproduction. To such games concern:

  • Contra City;
  • Contract Wars;
  • Project Warfare;
  • Survival: Wars and many other popular games which have collected more than one million admirers in social networks.


download Unity 3D Web Player for browser games


Tasks and objectives Unity 3D Web Player:

In turn, the primary goals of the utility are:

  • reproduction 3D games;
  • detailed elaboration, as well as creation of the volumetric and scaled image;
  • adjustment and automatic connection of the installed and started game with account a social profile;
  • regular self-updating of system, in case of improvement or variation of characteristics game process.

Unity 3D Web Player basic advantages

Despite of a number of carried out functions and the list of reproduced games, Unity 3D Web Player has such advantages, as:

  • possibility of free installation;
  • security of uploading on PC;
  • conformity with any version Windows;
  • the minimal sizes and requirements to technical equipment of operating system;
  • automatic self-updating and start-up which does not stipulate for adjustment of the program.

Download Unity 3D Web Player and to play with its help in favourite games and appendices in a network possible by appropriate link on this page.

Installation file data
Category Players
Title Unity 3D Web Player
Version 5.5.0
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X
License Free
Size 1.04 MB
Downloads 1,640
Price Free
Updated 2017-06-25

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Awesome player! :D
Now I can play super games right in Google Chrome!!!
Thanks bro!!!

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0 hunter
this is going to be the best day of the day man

2018-09-07 17:57

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