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free powerful system information tool for detection of PC hardware
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HWiNFO is a free portable software that provides information about the devices installed in the system. HWiNFO also allows to measure the performance of each device and compare it with other computers. You can download HWiNFO free from our site.




The first program will be certainly useful to all those who are connected with the repair of computers.
Description of the main features of the HWiNFO program and its functional features:

  • detailed information about all the devices installed in the system is provided: CPU (name, number of kernels in its structure, information about the cache and its volume, socket, support for technologies), hard drives (name, the amount of megabytes available for storage, the interface through which the drive is connected to the motherboard), the video (name, type of GPU, available memory, etc.), RAM modules (volume, at which frequency it's currently running, which timings are used), motherboard (its chipset, BIOS version, processor bus frequency, etc); 
  • HWiNFO includes the software tool that allows you to test all the devices connected to the computer and to measure their performance, expressed through special units (later this performance can be compared with those on other computers);
  • availability of tools to update the drivers, installed on your system and the BIOS version (requires an active Internet connection);
  •  after detection of all devices, HWiNFO can generate a report in one of six formats to choose from;
  • versions of programs are designed to run both on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems;
  • the program lacks Russian, however, it would be simple-to-learn for those who are at least a bit conversant in generic English terms, the HWiNFO interface is perfectly systematized. 




To get started, you need to download HWiNFO free from our site. The program doesn't have any features which are complicated for learning. After starting you can see a list of devices which HWiNFO shows in a special window. You can get detailed information about each of them.

Start surveying your system right now, download HWiNFO free from our site.

Installation file data
Title HWiNFO
Version 4.22
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 2.7 MB
Downloads 481
Price Free
Updated 2014-11-06

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