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3dmark is a set of service utilities for Windows that test (benchmark) the performance of video cards and are managed by a single graphical interface. They allow you to test both the performance of the entire video processing board and its individual blocks (shader, texture, rasterizing, etc.).

It can use both existing and promising technologies of three-dimensional visualization to determine the likely performance of the GPU performance when launching the “games of the future.” Equipped with integrated emergency shutdown systems in case of video card overheating (switched off). The latest versions have a set of tools for testing not only the video card, but also another “hardware” - when emulating the use of “heavy” in-game scripts and simulating the initiation of active work of “artificial intelligence”.

Functional 3dmark

  • It prompts the user to select the “game” (GPU), “synthetic” (individual blocks) or “special” (CPU, HardDisk, RAM, etc.) type of test;
  • It prompts the user to select the method used to build three-dimensional graphics, including from the list of promising ones that have not yet been implemented in any game;
  • Initiates the launch of a benchmark corresponding to the selected test type and three-dimensional visualization method;
  • Visualizes "heavy for iron" three-dimensional scenes, thereby loading the "iron" to the maximum;
  • Logs the total number of rendered frames, the average FPS value, the response speed of the GPU / blocks, the voltage consumed and the temperature;
  • Instantly disables the graphics engine and crashes the benchmark when the video card overheats;
  • Forces the construction of a three-dimensional scene and takes into account the number of frames dropped, when the emergency shutdown mode is turned off when overheating (dangerous for iron!);
  • Displays statistical information on the completion of the benchmark, compares it with other tests, and gives an estimate of the performance of the GPU / blocks.

Benchmark Features

  • Having the opportunity to test both the video card or its units, and other "iron";
  • Hundreds of ways to build three-dimensional graphics for tests, including promising ones;
  • Detailed statistical reports, with the possibility of their comparison;
  • Optional customizable emergency shutdown;
  • Relatively "true" performance evaluation.


  • The result of the benchmark may be affected by external factors (temperature in the room, dust on the video card, etc.);
  • Free versions have a limited number of launches and / or reduced functionality;
  • Turning off the emergency shutdown may cause the hardware to fail (especially true on older video cards, without its own built-in emergency shutdown function).

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