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Utility to collect information about PC disk drives
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The CrystalDiskInfo program displays detailed information for the user about the disk drives present in the computer system, as well as configuration of S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics system, which includes measurement of hard disk's airflow temperature and the state of its "health." Download CrystalDiskInfo free from our website.

You can click on the program icon in the system tray to learn more about the temperature and the hard drive status. And the most comprehensive information about the drives is displayed in a special CrystalDiskInfo window. The utility supports various replaceable themes and localizations and, besides, it dynamically tracks changes in all parameters of the systems' hard disks and displays them on a graph. The program also supports external storage devices with USB interface and IEEE 1394, and the ability to edit AAM and APM for external devices.

Parameters of system attributes as a result of S.M.A.R.T. diagnosic:

  • Errors when reading;
  • Time for promotion;
  • Starting/stopping the spindles;
  • Sector reassignments;
  • Positional errors;
  • Execurion time;
  • Promotion attempts after unsuccessful ones;
  • Repeated recalibrations;
  • The number of off/on switchings;
  • Failures when trying to disconnect the power;
  • The number of upload/download cycles;
  • Indicators of temperature sensors;
  • Redirection events;
  • Badly-behaved sectors;
  • Sector's error which cannot be corrected;
  • UltraDMA errors;
  • Writing errors.

Don't forget to monitor the status of your PC and partly of your system drives.

Download CrystalDiskInfo free and make sure your hard drives are in good condition.

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CrystalDiskInfo for Windows PC

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0 levi
Thank you, guys! I was searching on Internet such a program. I do like it. Now I can see all the information about my disk. It's amazing!

2015-05-24 08:45

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0 levi
Thank you, guys! I was searching on Internet such a program. I realy like it. Now I can see all the information about my hard drive on my PC. It even shows the temperature of my disk. It's amazing!

2015-05-24 08:43

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