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Wireshark is a popular program for finding and solving network problems, analyzing traffic and capturing it, is equipped with a powerful filter system and works with the most well-known protocols. This tool will be useful to people who are not familiar with troubleshooting, but who want to understand the principles of networking and network protocols. To begin troubleshooting and analyzing network problems, try this great utility in action.

Wireshark features:

  • search for network problems and identify their causes;
  • traffic analysis;
  • port scan;
  • recording packet capture time;
  • the ability to track the path to directories with configurations;
  • packet filtering at the very first stage of traffic capture;
  • filtering already captured traffic;
  • saving filters;
  • filter combination;
  • possibility to choose a place for analyzer placement and connection to places of interest;
  • powerful expression builder;
  • sorting depending on the amount of data transferred;
  • the ability to view and extract downloaded files, including from the FTP protocol;
  • voice protocol support;
  • the ability to listen to perfect calls.

It is worth noting such a useful function of the program, as informing about errors when typing a filter - the input field changes color depending on its content. Red color means an error, yellow - there is a more correct spelling, green - all is well.

Thus, the program allows you to learn all the smallest details of the network and network protocols.

The archive contains 2 versions of Wireshark for Windows, compatible with windows x64 and windows x86. Wireshark version for macOS is also available.

To unpack the archive, use any free ZIP archiver .

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