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			NANO Antivirus

"NANO Security" company has developed an excellent program that protects your PC from all types of malware utilities: Trojans, worms, rootkits, viruses, jokes, senders, keyloggers, phishing, and other applications. NANO AntiVirus is designed to facilitate the work of the computer by unobtrusive and very effective protection.

NANO Antivirus features

  • Protects the information stored on the hard disk device through encryption and polymorphic species
  • Prevents infection of your PC in real time
  • Has the function of heuristic analysis
  • You can choose the most convenient interface
  • Checking the connected drives and media in the background
  • Multi-user mode
  • Auto-update of virus databases
  • Scanning and updating can start within a period specified by the user through the creation of task
  • Mirrors the updates
  • Quick switch of the interface language from English to Russian
  • The presence of "quarantine " for suspicious programs that could not be verified

NANO AntiVirus application is optimized for various resources of devices' memory, and doesn't take a large amount of it. The antivirus also has a comfortable and intuitive interface that makes it easy. Other advantage of this program is the fact that it can be downloaded free. Kaspersky doesn't require payment for various educational and business organizations.

If you need a lightweight protector and guard of your information - you can download NANO AntiVirus free from our site!

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Additional Information

Age Restrictions
Thursday, 28 March 2019
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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32 & 64 bit

NANO Antivirus for Windows PC

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0 Andrew
I think, it is the most useful antivirus programm, what I have used since I get a PC. If your PC became slower you can use this programm and also, working in Internet this programm can protect you PC in real time, blocking dangerous webpages.

2015-07-04 04:53

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0 nickolaj
“NANO AntiVirus” has a simple graphical interface to manage and it optimized for quick launch and minimum load on system resources.

2014-12-07 18:23

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0 viktor
a very useful program for computing system!nice...

2014-11-13 11:39

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