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Application for complete removal of programs from the system
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			Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is an easy to use set of programs designed for uninstalling other software. This set also cares about keeping your PC clean, about its top-rated speed, in a word, programs and utilities, included in the set, will make sure that your PC (home or office - it doesn't matter) is in the best shape. Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro free from our website, it is the first step to a qualitatively different level of working with your upgraded operating system.

Program package is arranged to "at hand" at the right moment and you come to aid. Since the installation of Advanced Uninstaller Pro, it won't be difficult to remove any program or set of programs, for this you just need drag the shortcut of the program to be deleted (package) to the AUP label, which is on the desktop, or select a program (set of programs) from the list of programs in AUP for deleting. Startup Manager, included in the set, enables to efficiently manage any software that is loaded at the start of the OS. The manager provides information about each program and gives advice on whether it is preferable to exclude it from its startup. Startup manager manages its own extensive base of programs which usually run with the OS, so it works very effectively. We remind that Advanced Uninstaller Pro is easy to downloadwith from our website, just use the appropriate link to download.
The new version of the uninstalling set of programs has the following set of features for working with the system registry in order to keep it in top shape:

  • Cleaning utility;
  • Defragmenting utility;
  • Optimizing utility;
  • Reserving the registry utility.

As you can see, the list includes everything needed for this.
The fast clean function is a tool that helps to make your PC clean and to provide its security in a single operation. Quick Clean securely deletes your history in the global network, including cookies, previously entered Web addresses and history of visits to all Internet hosts.

What else is included in the functional of Advanced Uninstaller Pro:

  • Cleans the list of recently opened files for more than one hundred popular applications;
  • Starts cleaning from all broken shortcuts;
  • The opportunity to configure Internet Explorer;
  • Many other options.

In order to "pimp" your home PC right now, you can download Advanced Uninstaller Pro free from our website.

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Advanced Uninstaller Pro for Windows PC

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