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Toolwiz Care is a completely free set of tools which are designed to speed up your PC and foroptimization as well as for tracking and full service of Windows OS.

You can always download Toolwiz Care Free from our site. This is a unique, multi-functional settings and optimization services package, which includes such topics as "System Checkup", "System Speedup", "System Cleanup", "virtualization technology", and about 40 different powerful tools to speed up your PC and enhance its performance as well as to protect your security and optimize the start-up procedure. You can now download Toolwiz Care free from our site.

The main functionality of the program:

  • Unique tool "System Defender" allows you to protect your PC from unwanted changes, which significantly increases the level of security.
  • "Eyes Care" tool will gently remind you to take a rest away from the monitor on a regular basis by locking your PC.
  • "Registry Cleanup" quickly cleans the Windows registry errors, resulting in speeding up the system which makes it run like new.
  • To monitor the list of programs which are loaded with the system you can use the "Startup Report" tool.
  • With the "Startup Optimizer" you can quickly enable or disable programs which are downloaded to your system.

This tool, which is very rich in their preferences and capabilities, fits all PC users - from novice ones on out to professionals. You can always download Toolwiz Care from our resource absolutely free.

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Toolwiz Care for Windows PC

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