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Handy utility for defragmenting drives
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			Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is a utility utility for Windows that allows for "deep" defragmentation of media connected to a PC. It has several defragmentation modes and a graphical management interface.

It can produce defragmentation “on schedule” and “when certain conditions are reached” (CPU load 40%, HDD response time, non-use of a PC, etc.). Supports "low-level" defragmentation. In addition to defragmentation, it also optimizes the location of the “information blocks” of stored files.

Functional Smart Defrag

  • Integrates into the system, initiates logging of "movements" of "information blocks" of stored and created files;
  • Defragment selected media with the specified method (“hidden”, “automatic” or manual ”);
  • Creates a file with “historical points” of defragmentation and defragments the selected media according to the schedule specified in the file;
  • You remember the conditions specified by the user, analyzes the indicators of the sensors of the PC hardware and defragments the specified information carrier when the specified condition is met (CPU load 40%, HDD response time, non-use of the PC, etc.);
  • Optimizes the location of the “information blocks” of files, “speeding up” their reading.

Utility features

  • Intellectual system for optimizing the location of "information blocks";
  • Several defrag modes;
  • The ability to conduct automatic defragmentation according to the "schedule";
  • The ability to conduct automatic defragmentation according to the "list of conditions";
  • Support for the function of "low-level" data defragmentation;


  • Automated defragmentation “by condition” is carried out with a delay after “the fulfillment of the specified condition” (the delay duration is conditioned by the workload of the PC);
  • Some types of portable information carriers are not supported.

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Smart Defrag for Windows PC

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