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			SysInfo Detector

SysInfo Detector is a free utility for getting information about the components of your personal computer with detailed reports. The program is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Main features of SysInfo Detector

  1. Detailed information about the hardware configuration of the computer on which the program is installed and used. Data is provided on all the hardware installed in the PC, starting with information about the motherboard and ending with all the devices “inserted” into USB ports. Information includes manufacturer, model, serial number and other data.
  2. Detection of models of connected devices. The models of PCI / PCI-X / AGP / USB / PCI-E devices and monitors are determined by reference books.
  3. Serial numbers. All equipment has serial numbers, information about which is able to receive and display the program. These are RAM modules, motherboards, hard drives, USB devices, processors, monitors, and other equipment.
  4. All detected USB devices are additionally divided by type. All equipment connected to USB is divided into classes (for example, mice, keyboards, printers, MFPs). The program determines which of the classes this or that device belongs to and groups them accordingly. If a class could not be defined for the device, it gets the class “USB device”.
  5. Information about PC malfunctions. The program displays information about the problems it has detected and even is able to identify potential problems.
  6. What is installed software. SysInfo Detector generates and displays a list of all currently installed applications in the operating system. This allows monitoring of the software used in the workplace.
  7. Running processes, OS settings and software licenses. Data on licensed use of programs and basic parameters of the OS are determined.
  8. Monitoring system sensors. The program can read information showing the rotational speed of the fans, the supply voltage, the temperature of the components.
  9. The user can create corrected versions of information about devices and send them to the developers.

Additions to the Pro-edition of SysInfo Detector:

  • creating reports in files;
  • Hardware Inspector compliant reports;
  • the ability to run the application from the command line (this type of launch will be convenient for collecting information about network computers).

Thus, the program knows almost everything about the "insides" of your system unit.

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SysInfo Detector for Windows PC

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