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Eusing Cleaner is a great free program for optimizing the operating system registry and privacy (Privacy Cleaner). Eusing Cleaner gives you the ability to find and remove unnecessary data from your system, incorrect registry entries, traces of your activities on the Internet (story visit). Also, the program can clear the history of more than 150 third-party programs. Eusing Cleaner removes activity traces of such well-known programs as WinZip, Media Player, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR. In the window you can select which Components should be cleaned and which not.

Just one click of the mouse and Eusing Cleaner will erase system cache, cookies, browsing history, entered url-address and all the information about interference from your browser and temporary folders. You can search in the basket, history, search for only recent documents, etc. The program also includes the ability to overwrite the data several times, so that the information you've deleted couldn't be restored. Download Eusing Cleaner free from our website.

The program also has a multi-functional registry cleaner. It scans the Windows Registry for invalid or obsolete information and provides a list of found errors. After fixing all the errors and invalid entries, your system will be working much faster and more stable. Also, Eusing Cleaner has the function of the registry defragmentation. The program is able to improve performance by removing empty files and fragments from the Windows registry.

You can download Eusing Cleaner free from our website.

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