DiskSavvy 13.3.12

Utility for analyzing the occupied space on the hard disk
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DiskSavvy is a disk space analyzer that allows you to monitor and analyze free and busy space on your hard disk, shared network resources, and NAS network storages.

Features DiskSavvy

  • the user has access to several regular and server versions of the product, capable of analyzing, generating charts (columnar, circular), saving logs of disk analysis in many formats (pdf, html, excel XML and CSV, text) and exporting reports to SQL DB;
  • powerful integrated data analysis module;
  • the user receives a tool for analyzing hard disk partitions, folders and local network resources in order to determine directories and files that occupy a significant amount of free space;
  • the application saves reports and performs operations of comparison of the occupied place in the historical perspective;
  • an integrated file classification and categorization function using plug-ins that can detect and classify more than three thousand file types, reporting detailed statistics on disk usage by individual file types, categories, by user;
  • separation of files by the time of the last change and creation, by the time of the last access to them;
  • export of analysis results from several NAS NAS and servers to a centralized SQL database for further analysis by IT specialists of the used disk space.

The program comes with an interface in English.

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