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Defraggler is a program, the main purpose of which is to defrag your hard disk.
Defraggler lets you defrag your entire disk, and individual files and folders.
The application works with FAT32 and NTFS, and also allows you to remove files from the defragmentation process, filtered by extension, name, and other parameters. The application also allows to transfer "heavy" files as far as possible from the hard disk, allowing the computer to work faster.

Before you start defragmentation, you can also analyze your hard drive and view the fragmentation map, and then decide whether to start defragmenting your hard disk or selected folders.
In some cases, when there is little time for a full defragmentation process, the application provides the possibility of fast disk defragmentation.
Installing the applications, deleting, or creating new files leads to uneven areas of free disk space, which significantly reduces the speed of the OS.
By using this application, you have the opportunity to get rid of such problems, as well as to defrag free space on your hard disk.
You can download Defraggler free from our website.

This program has also its own scheduler, which allows you to defrag your hard drive at any convenient time, for example, when you are not working at your PC.
The application takes up little space, and a portable version works with a variety of external media.
You can download Defraggler for free from our website right now.

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