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Lazarus is a programming environment, used to write programs with open source. The program is based on the Free Pascal-compiler with IDE-add-ons which help you to generate applications on the cross-platform basis in Delphi-like environment. Lazarus is used to create different types of programs, such as console applications, dynamic upload libraries, GUI programs, and others.
One of its advantages is that it is available for free download.

In its composition Lazarus contains a powerful code corrector that has a help system and automatic code completion, visual volumes designer, as well as its library components (Lazarus Component Library), which is well aligned with the Delphi VCL-library. LCL components library has alternatives to controls from the Delphi Library of visual components (text fields, forms, buttons, etc.). This simplifies the task of transition from one to another syntax for Delphi programmers. Also, Lazarus supports a large number of Pascal syntaxes, such as, Turbo Pascal, Object Pascal, Delphi and Mac Pascal.

With Lazarus it is possible to easily move applications with graphical user interface, written to Delphi, in different operating systems, for example, to FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS, and other Unix-like systems. IDE supports two styles of assembler code - AT & T and Intel, also, its editor and interface are completely built on the 8-bit text encoding, which excludes issues related to adaptation of the code containing national characters.

And most importantly, today, you can download Lazarus free directly from our server.

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0 Adolf
I like this programm for ability to use graphics editor for my code. It is easy to compiler code and check it for mistakes.

2016-05-15 18:08

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0 Larry
This stuff looks like old versions of Delphi. But it s free!!! Great!!!

2014-10-01 20:13

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