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The latest version of Picasa is designed to help users sort out their own collection of thousands of photographs. Picasa can be downloaded free of charge to perform tasks that are presented by search, viewing, editing, printing photos, creating your own collage, slideshow or Photomovie.

With this software it is possible to:

  • Scan your hard drive or specific folders;
  • Index all existing photos;
  • Sort photos, graphics, and video into visual albums;
  • Print posters, exceeding the original size by 1000%.
  • Sort images by date.
  • On our website you can download Picasa and apply different visual effects. So, just in one click you can crop, align the image, color balance, contrast, etc. In addition, photographic art lovers can add labels to visually determine the best shots.
    Convenient and practical program is specifically designed to maximize easy work with photos. At the same intuitive functionality lets you quickly get used to it.

    Of course, there are better graphic editors used by professionals. However, it is not possibile to use some of them without specific guidance, and you will have to pay once for the use of such product. And for those who like to capture the best moments of life, Picasa will be the best option. Appreciate the benefits of the program!

    It's enough to just download Picasa for free from our website right now!

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    Tuesday, 19 June 2018
    Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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    32 & 64 bit

    Picasa for Windows PC

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    +1 Antoniya
    This is the best programm that I've seen before. It contains many options for your photos. You can make your photos better in more times.

    2016-11-26 21:34

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    -1 Julia
    This program is easier to use than other graphic editors which I have tried earlier. I like Picasa also for possibility to sort my photos and to make thematic albums and slideshows.

    2016-07-26 23:55

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    +2 Stacy
    I'm using this program almost everyday, it's very easy to master, I need to convert a big amount of photos from RAW to JPEG, and this software helps me so much!

    2015-04-29 10:05

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    0 Jane
    Useful and convenient program.I use it very often.Usually I edit photos and create collages for instagram.

    2015-03-22 09:21

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