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Just recently, when switching between different browsers, one of the main problems was the absence of an effectively working ad blocker . With Firefox, the situation was more or less normal, whereas in Chrome , Opera, or Internet Explorer , the necessary additions were completely absent at different times. Then Ad Muncher program appeared, which blocks ads in the system in general, and not only in individual browsers. At first, the utility had good protection, and since not all users wanted to acquire it, they had to struggle with the activation system all the time. However, at the moment the program is absolutely free for everyone, moreover, the functionality works in full, and the utility itself is constantly updated.

Key Features Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is designed to work under Microsoft Windows and is used to block any advertisements, banners, pop-ups and other annoying objects when using the Internet.

Through its actions, filtering and monitoring occurs during the opening of web pages, which leads to blocking unwanted windows, banners and many other elements, such as loss of focus, music, annoying sounds and various other activities of the site owners, which is far from the subject of the resource.

Advanced features allow you to customize the blocking of all annoying elements, including wallpapers. Simultaneously with downloading the program, you can also get a huge list of more than 200 filters that are easily updated directly from the program.

Ad Muncher Features

In the process of interacting with all the most well-known browsers, the utility is integrated into the context menu, filters are added by keywords and addresses, and advanced features are added to handle a number of programs, including ICQ , LimeWire, FeedDemon and KaZaA. Speaking about the other advantages of Ad Muncher, we should note the ability to detect malware, such as spyware and adware, as well as blocking the Web bug and setting a ban on browsers from sending data to servers.

All the described functionality of Ad Muncher helps to quickly load pages on the Internet and provides savings in Internet traffic. By default, the program can skip text ads, but after the appropriate settings, you can also turn it off. Any program here can be added to the white list when its incorrect operation is observed when blocking advertising

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4.94 Build 34121
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