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We bring to your attention the final version of Internet Explorer 11 – a popular browser from Microsoft. The main difference of the new innovative productis application's fast performance and protection against tracking. Simple search for information in the browser is redound to icons-accelerators, which are designed for easy use. The icons appear when you select text on the page, they offer an instant translation of words, and finding information in a variety of search engines, as well as finding the necessary places on the map. Download Internet Explorer 11 for free from our portal.

In the main menu of the innovative product, new items appeared: "Add the current page to start menu" and "Send Feedback". In the "About" the function of "Automatically install new versions" appeared, which is configured by default. In your browser, you can open the tab, which is very useful when searching for information on different websites simultaneously. Optionally, you can change the location of the tabs by dragging them with the mouse. When you close the browser, all tabs are stored, you can continue working with them, after opening the browser again. The main menu, to which everybody was used, was removed in the new version. As a result, there is more space for browsing. If necessary, the main menu can be displayed after pressing Alt. In Internet Explorer10 you can create visual bookmarks. The browser has a feature that allows not to trace through the user's online on websites. But, unlike other browsers, in Internet Explorer 11, this function is configured by default.

The innovative product works on the latest version of browser engine - Trident, the browser has improved support for HTML5, CSS3, by which the graphics and design are displayed more efficiently, and there are also new markup methods based on a flexible framework, a multi-column layout. Improved Chakra engine for JavaScript, JIT-compiler, optimized performance of the browser and reduced amount of memory that is consumed during operation.

Internet Explorer 11 is much better than its previous versions. It also has advantages over other browsers. Only this browser has a version for the Metro-environment, it has no competition among browsers, adapted for touch input on Windows 8. Metro-version (Modern UI) is a full-screen application that runs in the Metro- environment. It has a different interface, optimized for touch control and distinct functionality.
The innovative product works only on Windows 7 and 8. The browser has a free license, it is available for download and use without any restrictions. Download Internet Explorer 11 for free from our website.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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0 Julia
I can say that it does on the one hand is good, but I have periodically occurred to him the problem , but later it was found horosho.Pravda is another , and it is much better .

2015-06-05 21:22

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0 Julia
I can say that it does on the one hand is good, but I have periodically occurred to him the problem , but later it was found horosho.Pravda is another , and it is much better .

2015-06-05 21:21

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0 Mike
This browser are not supported by Microsoft anymore. So, It's time to say Internet Explorer died. And It's alright because last time It had had an awful interface and many problems with work. Now Microsoft are working on new browser, so let's hope It will be better.

2015-05-14 10:35

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0 Helen
I personally Internet Explorer does not like. Before it was used, but it was very sluggish, slow updates I do not deny that I was due to large amounts of data on the laptop. Then I decided to use Opera. Now I am fully satisfied.

2014-09-07 16:48

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