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AdFender is a very effective and at the same time fairly easy to use program, whose main task is to block various types of ads on web pages. The program also helps to get rid of annoying ads and harmful links when working with web browsers, instant messengers and p2p-clients.

The range of services of the AdFender program includes fairly common and little-known web browsers, among which are:

AdFender Advantages

Among the main advantages of the ad blocker AdFender worth noting:

  1. The absolute lack of load Internet channel;
  2. Accelerate the loading of web pages;
  3. Protection of privacy on the network (to do this, you just need to remove the coockies that left the browsed sites and clear your browser history).

AdFender features

The main tasks that AdFender is ready to solve include:

  • block all types of ads;
  • blocking domains of malicious nature;
  • speeding up your web browser;
  • privacy protection (privacy) online;
  • filter and cleaning coockies;
  • auto update filter;

AdFender is adapted for the following types of operating systems:

  • Windows 8.1;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows 7;
  • Windows Vista;
  • Windows XP.

The program was created to ensure maximum comfort while working or relaxing on the Internet. The utility is already used by millions of users from around the world, which once again confirms the high level of its quality.

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