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We are pleased to present you the latest version of Opera, which is available for free, and that you can download it for free.
Opera — a web browser, which is very popular in the world. You can download Opera, as this program requires no keys, no license, no complicated setup steps.

Among the main advantages of Opera, we can note the high download speed of information, maintained in Opera even with a bad connection.
We should also note that Opera is ergonomic and compact; consuming minimal resources, Opera can operate on sufficiently slow computers.
Opera has a nice standard interface, which, if desired, can be changed by using different skins.
Simple and convenient Opera menu, makes use of the program available for beginners and experienced users. JavaScript widgets and additional modules, can simplify and speed up your actions.

Opera Link simplifies the management of personal information, by synchronizing data with a remote server. Thanks to Opera Link, you can use your personal bookmarks, saved passwords and other private settings.
With a bad speed of connection Opera Turbo becomes indispensable, increasing download speed, due to the small image compression, the quality of which is slightly deteriorated. This function is located in the lower left corner of the browser, easy on and off, not requiring any additional configuration or tedious walk through menus.

Opera is a built-in torrent client, which allows to download files from torrents.
IRC-chat client built into Opera, would allow communication with other users.
Opera is provided with a simple and convenient download manager that helps to download files without additional settings, to any convenient place on the hard drive, avoiding the confusion often arising when searching for uploaded files.

You can download Opera for free from our website right now.

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Thursday, 14 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Opera for Windows PC

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0 Aaron
OPERA is very easy to use program. I often use it while I am working in the Internet, even though I still have FireFox and Internet Explorer.

2015-02-01 15:57

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0 Michal
A good browser, using it as the main, I think that it's even better than Google Chrome, although as anyone of course.

2014-12-06 17:43

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0 nickolaj
I have a program “Opera 24.0”. It is a good program, but it has one drawback: in the menu, there is no mode "search." To turn it on I use the keys CTRL + F.

2014-10-02 20:14

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0 Thelma
I've started having problems working with Opera,though I was completely satisfied with it not long ago.Now I've read this article and start thinking about giving it a try again.

2014-09-24 16:34

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0 Kathren
I use this Browser for 5 years. It has all need options for me. I often forget passwords and this browser can sawe them. I have downloaded it into my phone.

2014-09-10 16:25

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0 Arthur
The most convenient, simple and fast browser. Has a nice interface, there is the option to save your passwords, bookmarks and other personal dannychoo has a built-in torrent client allows to download files from torrents without requiring additional configuration.

2014-09-07 11:40

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